Jeff's Ride - ACE11

Greetings All,

I just returned from an outstanding trip to ACE11 in Washington DC. As you may know, ACE is the world’s premier event where water professionals from across this great country of ours and from countries all around the world gather to share their knowledge and lessons learned with their peers in the water industry. Although attending ACE is quite a unique experience in itself, my fondest experience in connection with ACE11 was that of my trip to Washington DC and back home to Indiana.

I had the honor and privilege this year to join the Water Buffalos on their trek to ACE11 from points all across America. Here’s a little background info on the Water Buffalos to lend some perspective to the rest of this message. The Water Buffalos originally started with a handful of water professionals located in Oregon, Washington and Arizona that also happen to be motorcycle enthusiasts. The inaugural ride for the Water Buffalos consisted of a leisurely motorcycle ride to ACE05 in San Diego, California. After the inaugural ride, the original group asked, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could find more water professionals from across the country who are also motorcycle enthusiasts, and invite them to join us on the trip to ACE next year? And what if we used this as a means to raise money for Water For People?” Well, they did both and as word spread, the ranks of the Water