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The Water Buffalos (aka The Herd) are part of something very special. They participate in annual motorcycle charity rides. Rides begin from several locations across the US and Canada and end at numerous conferences, workshops and tradeshows throughout the year. All of this is in the spirit of raising money and awareness for non-profit organizations that provide for safe drinking water, sanitation services and environmental stewardship to communities in need. 


 The Herd operates under the following four founding intentions and as stated in our Articles of Incorporation:


1. To promote awareness of providing safe and reliable water and wastewater service to those in need. 


2. To raise funds through organized motorcycle and related events to support efforts to provide safe water and wastewater service in underdeveloped areas. 


3. To provide funds and other support to water and wastewater related 501(c) (3) charities that provide needed assistance in developing safe and reliable infrastructure. 


4. To consult, coordinate and cooperate in the development of effective fund raising efforts to provide safe drinking water and sanitation conditions to those in need.   

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